Having received the goods, the Buyer should make sure that the delivered goods correspond to the ordered goods.

The expiry date of the product and its manufacturer are indicated on the packaging.

The Seller ensures that the goods sold are designed in accordance with the regulations on use and labeling. Information about correct and safe use has been added to the goods.

The Warranty - is the promise of the manufacturer or seller to return to the consumer the money paid for the goods or thing, to exchange the goods for the corresponding, without compensation to eliminate the discrepancy of the goods or things or to perform other actions if the goods or thing do not correspond to the description specified in the warranty.

The Right to Refuse - is the right of the consumer to terminate the contract (to refuse the order) within a specific period of time (within 14 calendar days), without paying a fine, interest or damages.

The right to refuse and warranty are in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, as well as in accordance with the type and specific qualities of the goods sold.

The use of warranty rights is possible if the Buyer retains a document confirming the purchase, which together with the purchased goods is presented to the Seller.

The buyer must take into account that the right to refuse can not be realized in the following cases:
- after the expiration of the period specified in the law;
- if the packaging of the goods is open and/or damaged;
- in relation to goods of direct immediate use (including food supplements, hygiene items and cosmetic products).
If the right of refusal is used, the Buyer shall deliver the goods to the address of the Seller together with the document confirming the purchase, the rejection letter and the guarantee coupon, if such was given to the Buyer.
The Buyer will receive the amount paid for the Goods in full within 30 (thirty) days from the receipt of the written application for refusal.


The Buyer assures that he or she received all the necessary information about the goods before the order of the goods.

The Buyer agrees that his data, which were filed during the filling of the contract, will be processed and preserved, observing the normative acts of the Republic of Latvia.

All disagreements, the parties resolve together, contacting and agreeing with each other. In case of disagreement between the parties, the dispute will be referred to the court of the Republic of Latvia, in accordance with the current legislation.

1. The Seller.
ingle registration Nr.40003367731;
Legal address: Ulbrokas iela 42, Rīga, LV-1021;
addresses of shops:
- Stirnu iela 31, Rīga и
- Gaiļezera iela 8, Rīga.
The opportunity to contact the seller is listed in the. "CONTACTS" section.

2. The Goods.
Medical products, dietary supplements, food and cosmetic products.
The choice of the goods is possible from the online store "CATALOG".
Information about new products is in the "NOVELTY" section.
Information on possible side effects, storage peculiarities, etc. can be obtained by calling +371 67373435 or by sending an information request to the shop@violafarma.lv, or by filling in the contact form "Contact Us" on the shop.violafarma.lv website.

3. The Price.
The prices of the goods are indicated in euro (EUR) including VAT.
The cost of delivery is not included in the price.
Information about discounts and promotions is in the section "Actions".
Discounts and promotions are valid until information about them is available on the site.
The image of the goods on the photo does not always correspond to the present type of product.

4. The Order of the goods.
The goods can be ordered only for non-commercial purposes.
The way of ordering the goods is described in the section "How to Buy".
The Buyer is responsible for ensuring that the information provided by him or her is correct.

5. Payment and Delivery of goods.
The methods of delivery and payment for goods are indicated in the sections "Delivery" and "Payment".
The costs of the transfer to the settlement account of the Seller are covered by the Buyer.
Delivery times are agreed with the Buyer.
The Seller is not responsible for the failure to deliver within the specified period, if the Buyer was not at the specified address at the time agreed between the parties.
The goods are delivered to the customer in a suitable package, to which the order listing is attached.
The Buyer assures that before the order of the goods received all the necessary information about the goods.

6. E-shop.
With store shop.violafarma.lv the Buyer can contact around the clock in electronic form.
The buyer can ask questions, make suggestions and recommendations using the e-mail address shop@violafarma.lv or the contact form «Contact Us» on shop.violafarma.lv.


Store shop.violafarma.lv respects the privacy and personal data of all persons visiting this site.
Therefore, we will never share your contact or personal information to third parties (unless this is provided for by the law of the Republic of Latvia).

All purchases made through our website are strictly confidential, the goods are delivered in closed packaging.

In shop.violafarma.lv you can pay for the purchase using: Master Card, VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro.
Transaction processing with cards complies with the industry standard of payment card industry data security (PCI DSS).
The banking communication system used by us fully complies with the requirements and specifications of international payment organizations VISA and MasterCard, as well as certified in one and the other organizations.