Linoderm from dandruff with piroctone olamine, shampoo, 250ml
Linoderm from dandruff with piroctone olamine, shampoo, 250ml
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Linoderm from dandruff with piroctone olamine, shampoo, 250ml

Manufacturer: Ziololek Sp.zo.o
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Linoderm® Hair shampoo with Piroctone Olamine is designed for washing and caring for all hair types with dandruff. It quickly and effectively eliminates the causes and symptoms of dandruff and reduces itching of the head. It soothes the condition of dehydration of the skin and exfoliation of the epidermis.
Gently cleanses the scalp and hair. Does not irritate the eyes and does not cause them to tear.
Application: anti-dandruff shampoo with Piroctone Olamine should be used 2-3 times a week for about 4 weeks. The best results can be obtained using the herbal anti-dandruff shampoo according to the scheme: shampoo with Piroctone Olamine to improve the condition of the scalp 1-2 times a week. In the remaining period gently wash with herbal shampoo.
Usage:Piroctone Olamine only works during hair washing, so it is necessary to leave the preparation on the hair before rinsing the foam. Apply shampoo to wet hair and gently massage until foam is obtained. Leave on the scalp for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water.

Linoderm® Hair anti-dandruff shampoo contains Piroctone Olamine - a substance with documented anti-dandruff activity, which is effective in combating parasitic fungi, bacteria and yeasts, including, in particular, the Malassezia furfur strains commonly occurring on human skin causing dandruff.
Thanks to the use of panthenol and glycerin it soothes the condition of dehydration and peeling of the epidermis.
The shampoo contains mild cleansing agents that gently cleanse the scalp and relieve inflammation of the scalp, which often occurs in the course of dandruff. It improves the moisture of the scalp, smoothes it and makes it more elastic. At the same time, it provides the scalp with moisturizing lipids and facilitates its regeneration.

It does not contain preservatives and dyes.
It does not contain SLS / SLES detergents, PEG emulsifiers and parabens.
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