Aural funnels, for adult, 2pcs.
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Aural funnels, for adult, 2pcs.

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Ingredients: beeswax, propolis. For personalized use. Traditional folk remedy for cleaning the ear canard for personal hygiene purposes.

You should consult your doctor before treatment. The procedure should be constantly monitored by adults.

Method of administration:

- Prepare two phytopyledges, matches, wads, a glass of water, cotton buds, a protective cap and a cotton swab (towel) with a box for a phytopylet.
- Put your head on the cushion, cover your ear with a cotton swab, burn the upper end of the phytopylet, place the lower end (with foil) in the outer auditory canal.
- The fitting should be located vertically to the ear. Wait until the phytopowder burns out to the foil, then remove the phytoplasm in a glass of water.
- Clean the ear with a cotton swab and fill the auditory canal with cotton wool (within 15-20 minutes).

Repeat procedure for the other ear. For best results, it is recommended to take the procedure before going to bed.

You should not wash your head after the procedure. The procedure can be repeated 1-2 times a week. Warnings: Do not use if there is an allergic reaction to bee products, if there is damage to the eardrum and ear infections. Contraindications: any damage to the auditory channel, broken discharge, component intolerance.

Keep out of the reach of children under 25 ° C in dry place.
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